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This is our moment in the movement”

- Cynthia Marshall, CEO Dallas Mavericks

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Gabrielle was born and raised in Westchester, NY. In a wealthy white suburb, where privilege was at almost every doorstep. A bi-racial woman, with a learning disability (dyslexia), she learned quickly that the system wasn’t built to empower her, therefore her path towards success has truly been unconventional.


Gabrielle defines herself as a scrapper; molded by personal stories of dismissal of her intellect and ignorance. Thankful for loving parents who taught her “no one is below or above you,” her passion and work has been centered around understanding the individual mindset and how to unite a diversity of mindsets towards a shared objective which has led to her focus on inclusive behaviors, teaming and leadership.


Gabrielle received her B.A. from American University, MBA from University of Maryland, recognized by Poet & Quants Best and Brightest MBAs of 2017 and now works for a Big Four consulting firm, focused on workforce of the future strategy and employee experience.


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